Smart Automated Assessment

Increases student engagement
Improves student outcomes
Saves teachers time

How It Works

Our software helps students improve their writing. Students can submit as many drafts as they need to work on the key elements of good writing: organization, clarity, supporting an argument with evidence, and analysis.

Our software is responsive to student needs. It provides real-time feedback whenever the student needs it.

Using the software is easy. No training is required. Teachers can add assignments in a matter of minutes. Students can submit an assignment and receive feedback in less than a minute.

To see how the software works, check out the video.

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Our Story So Far

Our goal is to help students become better writers by helping teachers spend more time working with their students.

We've been both students and teachers. We know how frustrating it can be to receive vague feedback a long time after a paper has been submitted. We also know that providing students with high quality feedback is difficult given the limited time teachers have these days. We have spent our weekends grading. We've faced the dilemma of wanting to give our students more feedback without having the time to do so.

So we set out to enhance the relationship between students and teachers. We give students a resource that they can access on their schedules. For teachers, we provide a virtual learning resource that can help students improve their drafts so their final papers are as strong as they can be.

To learn more about us, take a look at the video to the left.

The Founders

Jamey Heit
Jamey Heit, PhD
The Literature Professor

Jamey taught his first course in English Composition during his first Master's degree program at Princeton, and ended up with two Master's degrees from Princeton. From there he earned a PhD with honors at Glasgow University in the Humanities. Along the way he has published multiple books, presented his work at major international conferences, and taught thousands of students how to be better writers. He has graded more than 20,000 essays and has focused his expertise on helping students improve their writing.

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Robin Donaldson
Robin Donaldson, PhD
The Computer Scientist

Robin has been fascinated with computers and figuring out how things worked since he was a kid. Using a book on computer programming that he bought after saving $50 from his allowance, at the age of 12 he learned how to build software and web sites. Throughout his career, he has dedicated his passion and talents in computer science to build technological resolutions to issues in some of the world's most challenging industries, including genetics, cellular biology and health care. Now, Robin has co-founded ecree.

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