Q: Can my school try ecree out before purchasing a subscription?
A: We offer a trial period for anyone who is interested in using ecree. Please contact us if you are interested in a trial.
Q: What is included in the trial?
A: During the trial period, you get access to all of ecree’s features. We want you to know exactly what to expect if you decide to purchase a subscription.
Q: Am I restricted to using a list of pre-defined essay prompts?
A: No, our technology allows you to add as many of your own prompts as you want.
Q: What kinds of essays can I assign with ecree?
A: We provide a range of standard essay types for your class. You can learn more about the current essay types we offer in the Key Features section of our website.
Q: How easy is it to get set up?
A: Using our software is easy. In less than 10 minutes you can get your classes set up and your questions added.
Q: What are the requirements to use the service as a teacher?
A: We require all teachers to be affiliated with an educational institution. When you sign up, please enter the institution that you are affiliated with. As part of the sign up process for teachers, we will verify your affiliation with an institution.
Q: I'm a private tutor. Can I still use ecree?
A: Yes, we are happy to work with private tutors. Please contact us at contact@ecree.com or message us via the web site if you are a private tutor who would like to use ecree.
Q: I’m an administrator for my school and I’m interested in giving all of my teachers access to ecree. What should I do?
A: We are happy to work with administrators to give their teachers access. Please send us an e-mail at contact@ecree.com or message us via the web site and we’ll walk you through the process of getting your institution set up.


Q: I’d like to use ecree to help me with my writing, but my school doesn’t use the software. What can I do?
A: Right now you must be a student at one of the schools that uses ecree. If you’d like your school to sign up, please have someone from your school contact us.
Q: When I try to create my account, I don't see my institution. What should I do?
A: Please let us know by contacting us at contact@ecree.com or message us via the web site.
Q: My teacher just assigned me an essay question that isn't in your system. Can I still use ecree?
A: If you don't see your essay question in our system and you are in a class that is using ecree, you need to have your teacher add that essay question to the system.
Q: I'd like some feedback on my creative writing. Can ecree help?
A: Our software is designed to assess academic writing. It does not (yet) provide accurate feedback on creative writing.

Technical Questions

Q: What file types can I submit?
A: We accept Word Documents (.doc and .docx), Rich Text Files (.rtf) and plain text files (.txt). You can submit your file from your computer or a cloud-based storage site (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive/Docs, Amazon Cloud or Microsoft OneDrive).
Q. Is there a maximum length for my paper?
A. Yes, you can only submit papers that are 3,000 words or less.
Q: How many essays can I submit?
A: You can submit up to 100 essays a month. If you need more submissions, please e-mail us at contact@ecree.com.
Q: I uploaded the wrong file. What should I do?
A: You can resubmit the correct file. We give you a high usage cap so that you don't have to worry if you submit the wrong file.
Q: How do I delete my account?
A: To delete your account, log in and click on your name, then click View Profile. You will then see a button “Delete Account.”

About ecree

Q: How does ecree grade my paper and give feedback?
A: Our algorithm uses dozens of metrics to capture over 1,000 data points per typed page. These metrics are the same things that a human looks for when grading your paper: organization, argumentation, use of evidence, and staying focused. Because our software analyzes the same metrics a human would, we can provide feedback on the content of your paper.
Q: How does ecree help me improve my writing?
A: Students who used our software have shown consistent improvement in their scores. Whether you're trying to improve your writing for a class or studying for a standardized test, ecree will help you on the most important elements of good writing: organization, argumentation, use of evidence, and staying focused.
Q: Does ecree really work?
A: You can download a peer-reviewed study that discusses our impact on student writing. You can also show them the videos on our website. If they're still uncertain, have them contact us.
Q: How are you different than other products?
A: Unlike other automated assessment programs, our algorithm doesn't need to be trained with hundreds of example papers for you to use. Teachers can set up their courses in a matter of minutes. Students can upload papers and get results in less than a minute.
Q: Can I use ecree with my LMS of choice (e.g. Canvas)?
A: Right now ecree is only available with Canvas. We will be integrating with other LMS systems in the near future.