Frequently Asked Questions


  • I want to try Ecree for free. Is that possible?

    If you want to try Ecree’s web app for free, you can do so here.

  • Does Ecree work?

    Yes, Ecree is proven to help you get better scores. We’ve tested Ecree against some of the world’s best writing teachers and Ecree is faster, more effective, and more consistent.

  • I’d like feedback on my creative writing. Can Ecree help?

    Unfortunately Ecree cannot assess creative writing. We do encourage you to practice your creative writing and talk with a teacher for help.

  • How is Ecree different than other products?

    Ecree uses cutting edge AI technology to help you in the same way a human expert would. Ecree’s feedback is clear and justified. Plus, Ecree helps you improve the writing skills that matter for getting a better grade.


  • How does Ecree help my student?

    Ecree offers the world’s first comprehensive writing solution. We combine human expertise with the power of technology to help your student get results faster.

  • How do I know Ecree works?

    We’re distance learning experts and teachers. Our approach to helping student is based on years of experience as writing teachers and established learning psychology to achieve results as efficiently as possible.

  • What’s the difference between Ecree and hiring a writing tutor?

    Ecree uses technology to understand where your student needs help before s/he works with a human. That way, all of the time you’re paying for is spent working on specific areas of need. Your student can then use Ecree for additional practice with no extra cost.

  • I want to learn more about how Ecree can help my student. What should I do?

    We’re here to help. Send your questions to and we’ll get back to you


  • How does Ecree grade papers?

    Ecree uses the same rubrics you do when assessing student work. We’ve built the technology to mirror human expertise.

  • Why can’t I create a teacher account at

    In order to protect student privacy, we manually verify teachers’ identities.

  • Am I restricted to using Ecree’s list of prompts?

    No, teachers can use their own prompts. Ecree does not require training papers to set questions up, so you are free to use whatever questions you want.

  • Can I trust Ecree’s scores?

    Ecree is proven to be accurate and consistent in its grading.

  • What kind of analytics does Ecree offer?

    Ecree can tell you exactly what elements of writing individuals and/or classes need. Even better, we can display these learning trends in terms of your state’s standardized test.


  • What kind of help can Ecree provide our students?

    Ecree is the world’s first all-in-one writing support platform. Ecree can assess student work based on established elements of good writing. Ecree can also offer students guidance on the writing process. Finally, Ecree helps students with sentence-level considerations like grammar, style, and citations.

  • Is Ecree limited to English Composition assignments?

    No. Ecree has helped students across the Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Hard Sciences.

  • Do you integrate with learning management systems?

    Yes, Ecree uses LTI to integrate with a range of LMS platforms.

  • What is your institutional pricing?

    We work with institutions to offer pricing that reflects actual student use. We offer volume discounts for larger organizations.

If you have any more questions you can contact us.