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When you add Ecree, you give your students access to the most powerful writing technology available.

And you provide your teachers with the most reliable, consistent and trusted tool to help them drive positive student outcomes.

Simply put, Ecree gives you a scalable, affordable way to help all students across all disciplines become stronger writers, no matter their current skill levels.

You can drive industry-leading results, improving retention by as much as 16 percent – helping your students today, and also pushing them toward more success in their chosen careers.

Ecree provides all of this, while ensuring 100-percent consistency in how student work is assessed.

We use a proven, evidence-based assessment technology that eliminates inconsistencies often associated with writing assessment.

Improving student writing can be difficult and time-intensive.

We’ve been there.

We’re educators ourselves, and we know what it takes to strengthen student writing.

We can make the process more manageable so that your students succeed and your teachers can focus more on teaching than grading.

Don’t wait.

Give your students an advantage by trying our turnkey pilot program – contact our sales department to get started today.

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