About Us

It all started with a random meeting in a coffee shop – and a question.

Is it possible for technology to accurately assess academic writing across the humanities?

As it turned out, for Jamey Heit and Robin Donaldson, the answer was, yes.

Combining Jamey’s command of writing instruction with Robin’s computer science expertise, the two developed ecree.

Its purpose was simple:

Help level the playing field and provide widespread access to fast, easy and personalized writing feedback that can help every student – and every teacher.

Both Jamey and Robin understand the importance of students’ developing strong writing skills – and they understand the frustration of teachers who have limited time for providing high-quality feedback.

Ecree is the answer.

To hear more about Ecree’s story, check out this video.

Our co-founders are both educators and technologists who are passionate about changing everything we think we know about writing assessment.

Get to know them.

Jamey Heit

Co-founder & CEO

Our co-founder and CEO, Jamey Heit, has spent more than a decade teaching students how to write.
If there is one thing he's learned during that time, it's that good writing is a skill that will be useful throughout life, from getting into college to achieving a successful career.

Robin Donaldson

Co-founder & CTO

Our co-founder and CTO, Robin Donaldson, has been fascinated with computers and figuring out how things worked since he was a kid. Using a book on computer programming that he bought after saving $50 from his allowance, at the age of 12 he learned how to build software and web sites.